In the early 1980’s, Theresa and Bill Armour shared the vision of bringing the luxury experience of a world-class resort spa to the city. What began as their vision has now become a thriving industry. Creating a brand that become synonymous with elegance and refinement. Three decades later, Burke Williams flourishes with ten locations across California, several new concepts in massage therapy, the Burke Williams Academy of Massage Therapy and the results oriented skin care line, H2V. This was a solo project with a duration of 2 weeks.
1. The challenge
Burke Williams day spa aims to combine an exceptional service with quality installations. Which is not reflected on the general image and functionality of the e-commerce site. Improvement opportunities are related to the vision of the company. That is to give not only remarkable experience but also a very comfortable one. I decided to keep track on the shopping experience. Focusing on the process of selecting and buying gift cards. This is a solo redesign concept.
Problem statement
"In order to help new customers to choose a thoughtful gift for their loved ones, we need to simplify Burke Williams mobile site navigation flow,  and incorporate assistance on choosing a treatment"
2. The solution
Imagine for a moment that your name is Jack, and you have a sister. Her birthday is getting near, she lives in a different city and is mother of a baby and a toddler. You think giving her a present of a relaxing massage would be a great idea and wonders what would be better for her. During lunch time you look on your phone to see available options and pick a spa based on its reviews. You start to check the spa website and try to buy a gift card, in the on-line store.

Clickable prototype
3. Research |Finding the right problem
I found that Burke Williams spa has several types of users, I was able to recognize these general characteristics for each of them.
Due to the nature of Burke Williams business, most of clients listed above represent what we might call the “regular” customers of the spa. They assist with a certain frequency and they are familiar with the services and the kind of treatments offered. I decided to focus on clients that are not the regular customers because they represent the bigger area of opportunity to acquire new customers.

Meet Jack
Heuristic evaluation highlights
Observations made on the responsive shop website

-The actual store navigation experience in the site is very confusing.
-The site lacks representing images
-There is no clear way for the user to know in which part of the site is currently on since all of it looks pretty much the same. 
-Too much text can be discouraging and can provoke attention to be lost. Same as customers.
- Whenever trying to buy, there are three different places for three different things you would like. Booking a service, buying a gift card or purchasing products on the store.
- You can’t combine the products from different sections in the same cart.
Site map
Proposed navigation bar joins all services in one store. If the desired user can buy more than one service or product without the need to buy from different places. This will have as a result only one cart with different options. Simplified menus offer an easier learning experience. Acquiring something at the shop was made easy
User flow
Focused only on the shopping experience for purchase a custom gift card, with the help of suggestions for a different type of users.
4. Next Steps
Based on the user testing and few ideas that appeared on the way
1. Incorporate the Membership option in the mobile store navigation
2. Add some details like light boxes while clicking on selections or make sliding down menus. The checkout section to have one screen without the need of scrolling down.
3. Incorporate benefits on the mobile Online store. Promote its use like the option of adding experiences to upgrade the Spa service, like romantic dinner, drives with Uber after and so.
4. Reflect the shopping prices on the mobile on-line store on the web browser site.
What I learned in this project
Even the most complicated problems can have an intuitive solution. 

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