Nostrato provides AI-assisted customer support and customer relationship management software (CRM) to automate businesses while optimizing for customer retention and satisfaction.
It provides mobile SDKs, web widgets, and an API that can be quickly integrated into an existing product or service.

Project goals
- Create a corporate branding that represents the value propositions of the Nostrato App.
-Reflect the confident and reliable service AI-assisted customer support can offer. 
- Develop an image able to appeal not only developers but also the general public.

The logo represents the information flow of questions, that users would have towards how to use any app where Nostrato is being used.
The planet is the know-how of the functionality of the app. The atmosphere is the AI that filters the information and selects an answer. The asteroid represents the questions users would have.
3.1 Target audience
Nostrato app can be used by startups, and enterprises since each of them face different types of challenges based on their organization size. Mostly the major opportunity area are independent developers.

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3.2 Moodboard
First images where selected taking into account the main characteristics that shaped the name of the App.
Nostradamus (Famous Seer/Prediction) + Stratosphere (Layer of protection in atmosphere/Shields and filters out things)
Other themes: Mobile, support, help, artificial intelligence, robot, machine learning, seer, Neural networks, deep learning

3.3 First iterations 
Combining the artificial intelligence ideas with the different parts of the name, the next images transformed themselves according to each subject

Prediction - Nostradamus
Prediction - Crystal ball 
Protection | Filter - Stratosphere 
3.4 Final iteration
The Nostrato app is designed to select and deliver information of predicted responses according to the questions input.
After analyzing the results on the three previous explorations it was decided the most suitable image to pursue would be the stratosphere. The Nostradamus and crystal ball ideas could mislead the purpose of the app towards other subjects .
3.5 Color schemes
Once the main color for the icon was selected a full and complimentary color palette were proposed.
Understanding the functionality of an app designed for developers was one of the main challenges to dissect. Without a clear idea of the benefits offered I could have been running in circles for a long time.

To be led by the first ideas was tempting since they seemed to offer a more exciting experience in terms of graphic design. After I decided to lose the attachment to them the design process was even more rewarding since I felt more confident on the final result thanks to all the iterations I was able to try. Always iterate! 

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