Cleaning services are commonly distrusted, a quality job is not always guaranteed. People are afraid of letting a stranger into their home. Almost all services need an appointment in advance. This results in an unwanted wait to get the job done.

My Role
This was a team project with a duration of 2 weeks. As a project manager, my role was to program and coordinate activities. Once the duration of the project was over, I decided to try an iteration on the original design. Which is the one I present below.

Project Goals
Help people have their home cleaned whenever they need it, while they are away. Offer a reliable service with a fast response

"Spotless Home" is an app designed to provide on-demand housekeeping in the Bay Area. Users can request an appointment on the same day and have the service done within a few hours.
- All service providers are background checked and tested.
- Housekeepers service is rated and classified.
- Housekeepers will only use environmentally friendly products.
- Pricing is based on square footage, beds and baths. This information        comes from public records as well as Zillow and Trulia databases.

Clickable Prototype - Gif of process
New user onboarding and scheduling a service.
3.1 The research | Finding the right problem

Interview and survey highlights
To capture user needs and goals we conducted in person interviews as well as an online survey. We also interviewed service providers to understand their perspective.
- More than a half clean their house at least once a week.
- Almost 40% of the interviewed clients are responsible for their  own cleaning. This is because most of them do not trust somebody else will do the cleaning as good as they perform it.
- Half of them have never used a cleaning service but are willing to try if it’s a good one.
- Only a third uses cleaning services, they do it whenever it is not possible for them to clean. This means that it may not be on a regular basis  

Quotes from users who have hired a service
What do you think of cleaning services?
If it’s well done is a great job, because the things look clean. [Melanie R]  

How did you select them?
By recommendation except for the last one who recommended herself. [Joan L]  

What do you think can be improved?
Convenience. Clean the house where we are not inside, she comes on the weekends and that can be uncomfortable. To be “invisible”.  [Jon A]  
3.2 Design

Want to make your house cleaning easier? Hire somebody to do it for you!
Storyboard & Scenario
Why is this important?
- Keep it simple, keep it clean.  
- There is a long process behind an easy to use design.
- Too many features can cause confusion, too few will make the product feel  unfinished.
- Finding balance needs lots of tries and openness to see what can be improved.

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