Women Catalysts is an organization & community for women. It's main goal is to support, motivate and educate women to make their dreams a reality. They do this by organizing meet-ups and events.

Early in 2017 Women Catalysts launched a membership program. Although the membership offers great benefits, it hasn't taken off as expected.  The founders wanted our help increasing online engagement and membership conversions.

My Role
This was a team project with a duration of 2.5 weeks. As a UX designer, my role was to optimize the site's navigation and membership information.

Project Goals
- Redesign the Women Catalyst website.
- Clearly communicate the value proposition for its membership.
- Build an experience that empowers women to achieve their personal and professional goals.

The founders didn't have a technical team, we designed a site that can be created using a Squarespace template. Because all Squarespace templates are responsive, we didn't create mobile wireframes.

You can try the final prototype clicking over the image below, or in here

Research & Key Findings | Finding the right problem
Global Navigation & Card sorting
We streamline the site and to highlight the value of membership. We focused on the following areas of the product: Navigation, Members only access, Members only dashboard, Home page and detail pages.

A. Navigation
Our findings indicated that the global navigation was confusing to users. It offered too many links without a clear hierarchy. We proposed a simplified nav that could help users orient themselves and understand at a glance the site's value proposition.

Original Navigation

New Navigation

Information Architecture
B. Members Only access
This is the flow a member needed to follow to learn more about special membership workshops and materials.
- Four steps were needed to see the "Members only" content
- Interaction with the community was limited to a discussion site, difficult to reach.
C. Members Only dashboard
Redesign of a dashboard with "Members only" content:
- Available after login
- Interactive member content
- Comments and questions can be shared with the Facebook community
D. Home page and detail pages
Welcome and membership description
Homepage                                                                                                                                  Membership
Process photos
Research process photos
Design process photos
Clear communication is key to provide the information we want to convey. Relying on others point of view and having a clear value proposition up front can help to do that.

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